Date: 2012-11-08 05:57 am (UTC)
thebesteverseen: (Swim It Off)
Steve keeps his eyes open, out of the way of more forming waves, or people cutting down and riding through. Letting himself get far enough from it not to chance a collision while he's setting out the sharp throbbing pain. Or at least it's sharp and throbbing when he deigns to give it any mind. When he's not, it's more like the insistant movement of someone tapping a pencil against his rub.

Just a frictive action, like a pulse between bone and skin. He's done so much more on so very much worse.

But neither will a two-three minute break, some air, and letting his head above the water kill him.

So he stays there. Sits, floating on his board, hands resting against the broad mostly white center, squinting inward at the nod of a guy on sand. While something pricks at the back of his head. Enough that he stares a long second. It's still a pretty good distance out, so he mostly casts it aide. But not enough that he doesn't shift a glance over, following the guy's movements, as much as watching the people nearby him.

Several who succeed at the caliber, or even beyond the caliber, of work he was doing seconds ago, and yet only one or two -- no, only one really, that guy way far to right, and further out than most people were going here -- who even begins to come close to how good The Kid is. How she belongs here, talking the wind and the water, like they were always going to be part and parcel with her skin.
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